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Vannila Coke

Who are we?

There's always a better approach to finding love. After 35 years of searching for her true love, our CEO, Dr Pepper, realised that when it came to dating in the world of soda, there was no real platform that allowed carbonated drinks to reach out to each other and create meaningful connections.

From her experience in clinical work, Dr Pepper observed that if people were matched based on compatibility, they would have more satisfying relationships.

This discovery, lead to the launch of Fizzy Friends in 2009, a dating website that cares about the needs of all soft drinks, canned, bottled, or neglected.

The scientists at Fizzy Friends work hard to analyse your profile and provide you with compatible matches that fit your needs and complement your personality. We have successfully fostered love between 30,000+ happy cans, and we want to help you find your soulmate, to be with, until expiry.

So what are you waiting for? Start your journey to a happier life, today.

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Top Profiles

Whilst we like to say we don't have favourite profiles, here are some of our favourites profiles. Mind the serious name dropping that is about to occour.

Coca Cola

Coca Cola's profile picture

Hi my name is Coco-Cola, but most people just call me coke for short. My friends describe me as a really Zesty person, and I am looking for someone who can keep up with me and my fast-paced, fun-filled life

Likes: Summer, Water skiing and Chilling by the pool.

Dislikes: Mornings, Bananas and Being bored.


Frosty Berry Mother profile picture

Hi my name is Frosty Berry Mother, but the boys call me FBM. I am a pretty lax, laid back guy, but I can really turn up the energy when I need too. Don't message me if you can't handle extremeness.

Likes: Skating, Gaming and Pizza.

Dislikes: Coffee, One Direction and School.


Sprite's Profile Picture

Hi its me, Sprite. I have just undergone some rebranding, and am feeling fresher than ever. I stuff Fizzy-ology at university and am looking for someone that's sweet and bubbly, like me.

Likes: Skiing, Reality TV and Tennis.

Dislikes: Swimming, The news and Cats.


Fanta's Profile Picture

Hello! I am Fanta, and I am FANTAstick, and you could be too. Stick by me and we will have the best time EVER. I am still in school but graduating this year, and looking for a fellow bubble mate, to travel the world with. HMU if you are down!

Likes: Running, Hot tubs and Dolphins.

Dislikes: Nothing :) I will give anything a try.


Nestea's Profile Picture

Hi everyone, my name is Nestea ice crush, and I have to admit, I am a little bit sour. I work as a lawyer and love my job, so I am looking for someone who has the same appreciation for work that I do. Please send me a message if you think we would be compatible.

Likes: Responsibility, laptops and blazers.

Dislikes: Airpods, teenagers and sweatpants.

Pepsi Max

Pepsi's Profile Picture

Hi, my name is Pepsi Max, but you can call me Maxi. I am an accountant and a pretty chill person. I would consider myself a pretty average person. I don't like to stick out too much, but I am definitely refreshing, and I'm looking for someone else who is low calorie, but great tasting, to start a family with.

Likes: Rocks, Sleeping and Reading.

Dislikes: Puppies, Dancing and Palm trees.


F&N's Profile Picture

Hi, I'm F&N, groovy grape flavoured. You probably haven't heard of me, I like to think of myself as an undiscovered gem. I work at Anthropology, I am a Gemini and I'm looking for someone I can show my crystal collection to!

Likes: Leo's, Ocean Alley and Surfing.

Dislikes: ACDC, Converse and Sushi.

Mountain Dew

Mountain Dew's Profile Picture

Yoooooooo, what's up, the name's Mountain Dew, but the boys call Dewie. I am currently taking a gap year as a ski instructor in Colorado and I live for the shred. I am always up for a dope adventure and want someone to accompany me. Slide-in if you think you'd match up with my vibes, and I'll do the same ;).

Likes: Heli Skiing, Dynomite and Go - carting.

Dislikes: Fishing, Broccoli and The devil.

About the Creator

Dr pepper is a world renound love scientist, working extensivley with her team of experts to make sure that you find your perfect match. She began her match making journey when she was only 17 years old, after she was fed up of spending lonely